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Pain Management courseAesculap Academy Pain Management Courses
at DARADIA: The Pain Clinic

pain management course There will be evaluation tests at the end of two weeks and three months pain management courses. Completion certificates will be provided only after successful completion.




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pain management fellowship One year Pain Medicine Fellowship

We take two doctors per year, one of them comes through IAPM (academic wing of ISSP) entrance exam; other candidate come through our own interview, 1st one from January and other from July.

pain management courseOther Pain Management Courses/Fellowships/Workshops

Tailored Course for group of Indian doctors

Group of 3 or more Indian doctors can come together with choice of their topics they wish to learn

Available date: Can be organized on any dates as per their choice

Course fees:
Course fee depends on number of participants and number of days. Course fee less if participants are more & course fee is more for longer period. Mail us at for course fee

We recommend this course for orthopedic surgeons & neurosurgeons

Two weeks “Introductory Course on Interventional Pain Management”

This course focuses on basics of pain management

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Next available dates:

6-17 Jan ’20

2-13 Mar ’20

 4-15 May ’20

 6-17 July ’20

14-25 Sept ’20

 2-13 Nov ’20

Course fee(including taxes)

Rs. 68440 for Indians

$ 2567 for International & NRIs

 We recommend this course for neurologist, PMR and anesthesia doctors

Tailor made course & Workshop

This is one to one instruction (one faculty for each participant) with flexibility of course duration and contents depending on participant’s present knowledge and skills.

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It can be started any time according to choice of participant.


Course fees:
It is only for International & NRI category. Course fee is 2000 USD + Govt taxes for three days. Course is more longer period.

Five days’ Advanced course & Workshop

This is an advanced course to learn advanced procedures & for exam preparation.

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Will be announced later


Three months fellowship in Pain Management.

Here the course participants participate all courses during their stay, deliver few lectures in last month, examine patients & assist in real procedures etc.

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Candidates are taken in each month depending on availability.


Course fee(including taxes):

Rs. 129800 for Indians

$ 4342 for International & NRIs

We recommend this for Anesthesiologists/Neurologists

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pain management courseHighlights of all pain management courses:

pain management courseExtensive didactic lectures.
pain management courseHow to examine a patient with pain
pain management courseLive demonstration of cases.
pain management courseHands-on mannequin practice under C-arm.