3 Months fellowship

3 Months’ fellowship in pain management

Currently, this course is not available

Eligibility: Applicant must be a medical graduate (MBBS/MD or similar) from any recognized university.
Course Contents & details:

Participants of 3 months’ course will learn by participating tin he patient management, like examination of patients at OPD and assisting live procedures when it is done. They will be participating workshops during 2 weeks course free. 

Following are the details:

1. They will be attending OPD from 8.30AM to 2PM, examining new patients at OPD and planning management protocols. Each participant will take responsibility of some patients in rotation and will follow them up during subsequent visits. 

2.The day will be finished by 2PM, unless there are long list of procedures. During 2 weeks’ course the day is extended upto 4.30PM & working lunch is served during 2 weeks’ course. 

2. They should assist in interventional procedures.

3. When there will be indoor patients at other hospitals like Medica, they should visit these hospitals by their own and do/take pre & post procedural preration & care.

3. They will be visiting admitted in-patients routinely in morning and evening at Hospitals (at Medica & Phoenix hospital). They will be rotated in different affiliated hospitals.

4. Some of them may be allowed to do interventional procedures under supervision of seniors in later period, if possible under certain conditions, like picking of skill of the individual participants and certain other factors.

5. They will be maintaining log book of all patients they see and all interventional procedures they do or assist and their follow-up.

6. They must write at least one articles for pain awareness.

7. They must be involved in some research works & publishing at least one article in peer-reviewed journal.

Course Curriculum of 3 months’ course:

Clinical diagnosis and therapy

  1. History and clinical examination
  2. Assessment of pain
  3. Participation in multidisciplinary assessment and treatment
  4. Interventional procedures
  5. Regional anaesthesia and nerve blocks
  6. Minor Surgical procedures
  7. Other procedures which may be appropriate to the training

Psychological evaluation and therapy

  1. Use of diagnostic tests
  2. Collection & evaluation of data from interview and standard forms
  3. Comprehensive psychological assessment
  4. Treatment options


  1. Local anaesthetics
  2. Opioids
  3. Analgesics
  4. Non-narcotic
  5. Adjuvants
  6. Antidepressants
  7. Other medicines and various routes of administration

Regional pain syndromes

  1. Headache
  2. Facial pain syndrome
  3. Neck and upper back pain
  4. Low back pain
  5. Extremity pain syndromes
  6. Thoracic and abdominal pain
  7. Pelvic and perineal pain

Interventional Pain Management

  1. Interventions & nerve blocks in head and neck
  2. Interventions & nerve blocks in trunk
  3. Interventions & nerve blocks in extremities

Log book Mandatory, to be submitted along with at least one manuscript submitted at peer reviewed journal

  1. There should be a record of OP/IP Consultation participation
  2. There should be details of participation in academic program like seminars, symposia, clinical meetings
  3. Teaching other postgraduates should be documented
  4. Any special duty or event managed should be documented
  5. There should be details of procedure observed, assisted and performed. The candidate must have performed at least 50 interventions during his academic year.
  6. If the unit is running acute pain service, the details of patients handled must be mentioned.
  7. The log book is to be filled regularly by the candidate
  8. The entries need to be endorsed by the concerned consultant
  9. On the completion of the course by the candidate, this log book shall be deposited in the department for future reference

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