International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain

Dear esteemed colleagues and fellow pain medicine enthusiasts,

I am delighted to announce the upcoming the 8th “International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain,” in short ICRAPAIN 2024; a truly international conference in pain medicine.

Like earlier ICRAPAIN, the hallmark of this conference will be focusing on recent advances in pain medicine.

🗓️ Save the Dates: 8-9 March Conference; 10 March Workshops

📅 Conference: Two days of enlightening discussions and insights.

📅 Hands-On Workshop: An intensive one-day workshop for practical learning.

Here are the exciting highlights that make this event an absolute must-attend:

1️⃣ Single Hall Venue: We have carefully chosen a single hall venue to create an intimate and collaborative environment. This will encourage meaningful interactions and discussions among participants and senior faculty.

2️⃣ Reputed National and International Faculty: The conference will feature an impressive lineup of esteemed experts from both national and international arenas. Their collective knowledge and experience will undoubtedly offer valuable perspectives and insights into the field of pain medicine.

3️⃣ No Boring Lectures: Say goodbye to dull, monotonous lectures! Our conference is designed to be engaging and interactive. We believe that active participation and dynamic discussions are the keys to effective learning.

4️⃣ Live Demonstrations: Learning by doing is one of the most effective methods. We will have live demonstrations that will allow attendees to witness cutting-edge techniques and treatments in action. This hands-on approach will provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

5️⃣ Group Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing through group discussions. This platform will encourage the exchange of ideas, best practices, and collaborative problem-solving.

In addition to these highlights, I would like to offer my opinion that an event of this caliber has the potential to significantly advance the field of pain medicine. The combination of top-notch faculty, interactive sessions, and practical workshops is a recipe for success.

Stay tuned for further details and registration information. This conference promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees, and I eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions and discussions that will emerge from this event.

Let’s come together to explore the recent advances in pain medicine and shape the future of this field! 🌐🤝

Warm regards,

Dr Gautam Das

Chief Patron: ICRAPAIN 2024

Director: Daradia The Pain Clinic

Discounted Registration Fee (till 31st Jan):

For the Conference: Rs 8000 (Inclusive of GST) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For Conference + USG Workshop Rs 14000 (Inclusive of GST) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Regular Registration Fee

For the Conference: Rs 12000 (Inclusive of GST)

For Conference + Workshop Rs 18000 (Inclusive of GST)