Cost of treatment depends on the the diagnosis, method of treatment and type of interventions used.

If the patient is treated with medicines the treatment cost will be low. If interventions are used it may be increased. Interventions are different and cost depends of type of interventions.

Some interventions like trigger point injections are not costly at all. But some interventions like Spinal Cord Stimulator are costly. But even for costly interventions there are study to compare one time cost of interventions vs. recurrent costs of other treatments. It has been proved that interventions in long run are less costly.

Consultation fee at our clinic is Rs.1000.00, Most patients (85%) don’t need any interventions, they can be treated with medicines. Cost of interventions, if needed is separate. Cost of interventions depends on types of interventions suggested. Cost of interventions starts from as low as Rs.1500.00

At Daradia: The Pain Clinic we do most kinds of interventions only available at best Pain Clinics around the world.

Most of these interventions are not costly except for the few. Even the most expensive interventions are much less costlier than if is done at USA or developed countries.

World Class Treatment @ Affordable Cost

World class treatments of International standard are available here. At our pain clinic we offer most modern interventional procedures not even available at many pain clinics of USA and Europe.  Many of the interventional pain management procedures were done first time in India and this pain clinic is comparable with best pain clinics in the world. The same procedures are done here at one-third of the prices if done at USA or other developed countries.

Some of the Interventional Pain Procedures and cost comparison:

 Cost at Daradia

 (Cost includes everything***)

VertebroplastyINR 75,000.00
Endoscopic DiscectomyINR 100,000.00
Ozone Nucleolysis/ Ozonucleolysis/ Ozone  DiscectomyINR 50,000.00
Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) implantationINR 750,000.00
Intrathecal Pump Implantation

(Morphine, Baclofen pumps etc.)

INR 800,000.00
Radio-Frequency procedure for Trigeminal NeuralgiaINR 50,000.00
Balloon compression procedure for Trigeminal Neuralgia INR 75,000.00
Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI)

(Fluoroscopy guided)

INR 12,000.00
Para spinal ozone inj with fluoroscopyINR 20,000.00
Lumber Inter-laminar ESI

(Fluoroscopy guided)

INR 12,000.00
Transforaminal ESIINR 12,000.00
Cervical ESIINR 12,000.00
Radio-Frequency procedure (Facet, SI joint etc.)INR 35,000.00
Lumbar facet joint/nerve blocksINR 12,000.00
Spinal Endoscopy/ Epiduroscopy INR 75,000.00


***Complications and side effects are rare but cost of management of complications (if any) is not included in cost estimates.