Workshops on Pain | Short Course on Pain Management

Pain Management course3 days’ Workshop on Spine & Pain Interventions

It is an intensive workshop on interventions for spine & pain management to cover most interventional procedures, both C-arm guided procedures & USG guided procedures.

Why at Daradia?

  • Most renowned pain training center. Received “Excellence in Pain Practice” award by World Institute of Pain for training of physicians in pain management. Also received “Best Pain Clinic” in India award by Indian chapter of IASP.
  • Largest number of pain physicians were trained here. Till May 2016, about 1250 physicians has attened different pain management courses and workshops organized by Dradaia.
  • World wide reputation. More than 300 international physicians attended pain management courses including participants from USA, Australia
  • Excellent Faculty. Reputed faculty lead by Gautam Das take care of participants.
  • Innovative training methods. By designing mannequin, teaching materials and books Daradia simplified pain training.
  • Complimentary accommodation. Lot of good hotels are around for accommodation, but complimentary hostel is also available.

Read what others say about us:

Dr. Anthony Josheph Espinet DA, MD, FRCS, FRCA, FFPM (Specialist, Pain Medicine, Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Queensland, Australia): It is a very good pain management course .. I did this course.. I recommend this  to others.

Dr. Mohammad Rahman MD, FAAPMR (Physiatrist, New York, USA): I did 3 months’s pain management fellowship from Daradia. I recommend workshops at Daradia

Dr. Yusuk Mangara (Neurologist, Jakarta, Indonesia): I shall recommend this pain management course,

Dr. Awishul I. B. Gazali MD (Dept. of Anesthesiology, Hospital Taiping, MALAYSIA): I did pain management fellowship from here, I recommend

 Forthcoming 3 days’ Workshop on Interventional Pain Procedure Dates

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  • Organized in small group of 6-8 participants
  • Extended practice hours to cover most interventional procedures including advanced procedures.
  • C-arm & USG guided procedures to practice on mannequin
  • Radio Frequency procedures: principle & applications
  • Accreditation by Medical Council and CME credit point




  1. Fluro-anatomy of Lumbar Spine
  2. Transforaminal Epidural Injection (Kambin’s triangle and safe triangle approach)
  3. Facet Joint: Intra-articular + Medial Branch Block
  4. Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection
  5. Sacroiliac joint Injection
  6. S1 Selective Nerve Root Block
  7. Discography


  1. Lumbar Sympathetic block
  2. Celiac Plexus block
  3. Superior Hypogastric Plexus block
  4. Splanchnic Nerve block


Upper and Lower Limb Nerve Blocks

  1. Median nerve
  2. Ulnar nerve
  3. Radial nerve
  4. Saphenous nerve
  5. Sural nerve
  6. Peroneal nerve
  7. Tibial nerve

Shoulder Joint

  1. Biceps, Supraspinatus and Subscapularis tendon
  2. Acromioclavicular Joint
  3. Glenohumeral Joint (Posterior Approach)
  4. Suprascapular Nerve
  5. GT and LT
  6. Labrum

Elbow Joint and Hand

  1. Elbow Joint
  2. Common Flexor Tendon
  3. Common Extensor Tendon
  4. A1 Pulley
  5. Carpal Tunnel
  6. 1ST Dorsal Compartment

Knee and Ankle Joint

  • Quadriceps Tendon,suprapatellar recess,suprapatellar and prefemoral fat pad
  • Patellar Tendon, Hoffa Fat Pad
  • Infrapatellar Bursa
  • Achelis tendon, Plantar fascia

Don’t want to attend a workshop in a group of 6-8 doctors?

Join a workshop where you will be alone in the group.

For seniors & busy practitioners, we have tailor-made course where two faculty will take care of only one course participant. He will practice interventions alone & not in a group. Applicant can choose any dates, any duration & practice any particular procedures of their choice.