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Online Courses at Daradia

1. One year of fellowship in Pain Management

2. Comprehensive Course in Pain Management

3. Certificate Course in Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine

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About Course Director Dr. Gautam Das

Daradia Online Certificate Courses

The Comprehensive Course in Pain Management

(8 modules one on each Friday, highlighing ultrasonography and fluoroscopy guided procedures, best for beginners from Anesthesia, Neurology, Orthopedics, PMR etc,)

Make your foundation stronger, learn basics from the author of book ‘Basics of Pain Management’ by Gautam Das which has been translated in Bahasa Indonesia.

(Basics of Ultrasound in pain management, C-arm & Fluoroanatomy, steps of performing interventional procedures will be explained in ppt and then will be demonstrated on mannequin step by step.)
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One year of fellowship in pain management

Because of Covid, fully residential fellowships are suspended now. Classes will be completed online and one can attend our largest dedicated pain hospital for one to three month/s period for hands-on experience any time which is optional depending on Covid situation in the future. 


  • Complete coverage of basics
  • Anatomy, pathology, pharmacology
  • Clinical methods and history taking in pain medicine
  • Equal stress on Ultrasound and C-arm guided pain & spine procedures
  • Online demonstration of procedures from the operating room
  • Participants can come to Daradia Pain Hospital and stay for 1-3 months and practice procedures on a mannequin at our lab under C-arm and develop the skill. This is optional, the candidate needs to bear all expenses of travel, stay & food.


Online Certificate Course on Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine

(12 modules, each Sunday, each modules will be repeated after 12th module)

Learn from taking history to making a diagnosis

Limited seats for better interactions

One can join at anytime, each independent module will be repeated after 12th module

Know the causes of pain in short. Know red flags. Learn how to evaluate & take history, how to perform clinical examination and how to order investigations to make a clinical diagnosis and plan management of different painful conditions. One module will be covered each week with study material on each day and post course evaluation at the end. Total 12 modules will be covered.

Learn to make a diagnosis,  from the author of book ‘Clinical Methods in PainMedicine’ by Gautam Das which is the only book on clinical methods in pain.

This course is must for all who wish to practice pain. Unless proper patient is selected for proper intervention, failure is certain. Success of pain practice depends on proper evaluation.

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Advanced course in pain management

Learn advanced pain management procedures once you are in pain practice for few years.


  • Detailed discussion of procedure step by step
  • Indications, contraindications, complications
  • Demonstrations of euipment
  • Demonstration of preliminary steps on mannequin under C-arm
  • Learn vertebroplasty, spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal pump, endoscopic discectomy



Online Certificate Course on Radio-Frequency & Cryoablation in Pain Management

(5 days’ course)

(To learn RF procedures. Basic principles, RF needle placement will be demonstrated)

This course is a must for all practicing pain physicians.

Date: 11-15 Oct

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Learn Pain Medicine from Master

 Dr. Gautam Das is the author of many popular books on Pain Medicine. He is author of:

1. Clinical methods in pain medicine, 

2. Basics of pain medicine, 

3. How to start and run a pain clinic,

4. Common Pain Management Procedures (as co-author)

5. MCQ in pain medicine (as co-author)

Basics of Pain Management has been translated in Bahasa Indonesia also.


He is visiting and adjunct faculty on Pain Medicine in many Universities including 

RGKar Medical college, West Bengal Health University, Kolkata;  Dutta Meghe University, Wardha 


Exeminer-FIPP (Fellowship in interventional pain practice), USA & Netherlands, external examiner at Bharati Vidyapith, Pune


He was past editor-in-chief of Indian Journal of Pain from 2012-2015

Currently he is editor-in-chief of Journal on Recent Advances in Pain


He has about 100 publications in peer reviewed journals, contributed several book chapters from India and abroad apart from his own books on pain management.


He was chairman of World Institute of Pain, India, Pakistan & Iran section from 2007 to 2012.

He was president of Indian Society for Study of Pain from 2018-19

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