Accreditation with WB Medical Council with 34 credit hours

6 months fully online with live demo (picture in picture mode)

One module per week from 17th Sept 21 to 11th March 22

Optional hands on workshop at the end of the course.

Both  USG & C-arm guided  musculoskeletal pain interventions

Regenerative therapies, Radiofrequency and Cryoablation

Recordings will be available for 1 week for review.

Duration: 6 Months (17th Sept 21 – 11 March 22)

Mode of Delivery: Fully Online with optional hands-on workshop at the end

Accredited with WB Medical Council with 34 credit hours


Dr. Gautam Das MD, FIPP

Dr. Chinmoy Roy MD, FIPP

Dr. Debjyoti Dutta MD, FIPP

Dr. Kanchan Sharma MD, FIPM

National & International guest faculty

17/09/21 MODULE 1: Basics of Muscles

  1. Anatomy of Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments
  2. Basic Physiology of musculoskeletal pain
  3. Sono-anantomy of Muscles

24/09/21 MODULE 2: Basics of Nerves

  1. Basics of Nerve Anatomy
  2. Sono-anatomy
  3. Entrapment Neuropathies

1/10/21 MODULE 3:  Drugs

  1. Injectate (LA) Pharmacology and Application in Musculoskeletal Interventions
  2. Steroids- Pharmacology and Application in Musculoskeletal Interventions
  3. Injectate (Dextrose) Pharmacology and Application in Musculoskeletal Interventions

 8/10/21 MODULE 4: Regenerative Therapies

  1. PRP(Preparation and Practical Application for musculoskeletal pathologies)
  2. Ozone (Preparation Practical applications intraarticular and ligamental pathologies)

15/10/21 MODULE 5: Neurolysis

  1. Cryoablation of the nerves in entrapment neuropathies
  2. Radiofrequency of the articular branches in degenerative arthropathy of joints

22/10/21 MODULE 6: Shoulder- Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Supraspinatus muscle, Infraspinatus muscle, Biceps long and short head, Subscapularis, Rotator Cuff Interval
  2. Sub-acromial impingement, Internal impingement, Subcorocoid Impingement, Suprascapular Nerve, Axillary Nerve, Labrum, Coracoacromial Ligament
  3. Anterior and Posterior GH Joint, Acromioclavicular joint, Acromioclavicular ligament

29/10/21 MODULE 7: Shoulder- Examination, Pathology and Intervention

  1. Shoulder Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions

5/11/21 MODULE 8: Elbow- Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Anterior: Brachialis, Distal Biceps Tendon Different Examination Views (Medial, Lateral and Cobra Position), Brachial Artery, Median Nerve course till forearm, Anterior Joint Recess, Coronoid fossa, Radial Fossa, Coronoid process
  2. Medial Elbow: Common Flexor Tendon, Medial Collateral Ligament Dynamic Examination, Cubital Tunnel, Dynamic examination of ulnar nerve, Sublimus tubercle.
  3. Lateral Elbow: Common Extensor Tendon, Lateral Collateral Ligament complex, Annular Ligament, Synovial Flinge, Supinator muscle, Deep Branch and Superficial branch of radial nerve and its course till mid forearm, Brachioradialis
  4. Posterior Elbow: Triceps Tendon, Olecranon Process, Subcutaneous Bursa and Posterior Joint recess, Olecranon Fossa

12/11/21 MODULE 9: Elbow- Clinical Examination, Pathologies and Interventions

  1. Elbow Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions

19/11/21 MODULE 10: Wrist and Hand Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Dorsal compartments I-VI, Lister Tubercle, Radial Artery Radiocarpal joint, Midcarpal joint, Carpometacarpal joint (Dorsal and Palmar)
  2. Radioulnar joint, Scaphoid Lunate Ligament, Lunate-triquetrum Ligament, Dorsal Carpal Ligament, TFCC, Median nerve in Carpal Tunnel (Proximal and Distal)
  3. Ulnar artery and nerve, FCR, FCU, Palmaris longus, FDS, FDP, FPL and Scaphoid

26/11/21 MODULE 11: Wrist and Hand- Clinical Examination, Pathologies and Interventions

  1. Wrist and Hand Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions(1Hour):

3/12/21 MODULE 12: Hip- Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Anterior & Medial Hip: Orientation of The Hip Muscles, Capsule Of The Hip, Internal And External Snapping Hip Syndrome, Femoral Nerve, Ilioinguinal N, Iliohypogastric N, Genitofemoral N, Lat Femoral Cut N, Obturator N, Femoral Triangle, PENG Block, Fascia Iliaca Block, Adductor Tendinitis(1Hour)
  2. Lateral Hip: Gluteal Muscles’ Tendinous Insertions, Different Bursitis,
  3. Posterior Hip: Sciatic Nerve Block, Pudendal Nerve Block, Pirifiormis Injection, Ischiogluteal Bursa,

10/12/21 MODULE 13: Hip- Clinical Examination, Pathologies and Interventions:

  1. Hip Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions

17/12/21MODULE 14: Knee- Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Anterior: Rectus Femoris, Vastus intermediate, Lateralis, Medialis Quadriceps Tendon, Suprapatellar recess, Suprapatellar Fat Pad, Prefemoral Fat Pad, Distal Femur, Medial and Lateral joint Recess, Patellar Tendon, Infrapatellar fat pad, Pre and Infrapatellar Bursa (Superficial and Deep), ACL
  2. Medial Knee: Medial collateral ligament (Superficial and deep layer) Medial Joint space, Medial Meniscus, Pes anserine bursa, Voshell bursa, Genicular artery
  3. Lateral: Biceps Femoris, ITB, Lateral collateral ligament, Lateral joint space, Lateral meniscus, Common Peroneal Nerve
  4. Posterior Knee: Semimembranous, Semitendinosis, Lateral and Medial Gastronemius, Popliteal Sciatic Nerve, PCL, Posterior Joint space

24/12/21 MODULE 15: Knee- Clinical Examination, Pathologies, and Interventions

  1. Knee Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions

31/12/21 MODULE 16: Ankle- Anatomy and Sono-anatomy

  1. Anterior Ankle: Tibialis Anterior, EHL, EDL, Deep peroneal nerve, Anterior Tibial artery, Anterior Joint recess, Great saphenous vein, Saphenous nerve, Superior and Inferior Extensor retinaculum
  2. Medial Ankle: Tibialis Posterior, FHL, FDL, Tibial nerve, Posterior tibial artery, Flexor retinaculum, Deltoid Ligament (all parts), Spring Ligament, Sustantaculum tali
  3. Lateral Ankle: Peroneus longus and brevis, Superficial peroneal nerve, Calcaneofibular ligament, Anterior inferior Tibiofibular, Anterior Talofibular Ligament
  4. Posterior Ankle: Achilles Tendon formation, Retrocalcaneal bursa, Subtalar joint, Soleus, Medial and Lateral Head of Gastronemius, Posterior Ankle joint recess, Sural Nerve

7/01/22 MODULE 17: Ankle- Clinical Examination, Pathologies and Interventions

  1. Ankle Clinical Examination
  2. Pathologies
  3. Interventions

14/01/22 MODULE 18: Foot Anatomy and Sonoanatomy

  1. Tarsal Bones, Metatarsals
  2. Phalanges and Plantar Fascia
  3. Muscles, Ligaments and Nerves

21/01/22 MODULE 19: Foot- Clinical Examination, Pathologies and Intervention

28/01/22 MODULE 20: Nerves of the Head

  1. Supra-orbital, Infraorbital,
  2. Mental, Maxillary
  3. Mandibular, Auricotemporal

04/02/22 MODULE 21: Nerves of the Neck

  1. Greater Occipital, Sub-Occipital
  2. Cervical Root, Cervical Medial Branch
  3. Lesser Occipital, Greater Auricular, Cervical Plexus

11/02/22 MODULE 22: Nerves of the Thorax

  1. DSN, SAN
  2. Intercostal
  3. Errector Spinae

18/02/22 MODULE 23: Nerves of the Back and Pelvic

  1. Lumbar spine and medial branches
  2. Thoracis spine and medial branches
  3. Pudendal nerve and sacral ligaments

25/02/22 MODULE 24 C-arm guided interventions for spine

  1. Facet joint (Lumber/Thoracic/Cervical)
  2. SI joint

04/03/22 MODULE 25 C-arm guided interventions of peripheral joints

  1. Hip Joint
  2. Shoulder joint
  3. Knee joint

11/03/22 MODULE 26: Evaluation/ Exam

19-20/03/22 Optional hands-on workshop

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