Masterclasses at ICRA-PAIN

Most of the lectures in any international conferences don’t attract delegates as they don’t learn much from these lectures.

Why halls remain empty?

  • Most lectures are to oblige some known faculty
  • Topics are same boring
  • Lectures are one-way without much interactions
  • Most faculty copy-paste information received from internet search without much practical experiences. 

But masterclasses are different….

  • One hour in depth discussion of the topic
  • Faculty have authority and in-depth knowledge on topics
  • Seniors and have long experience on topics
  • They talk from heart and experiences, not from internet
  • One hour question/answer session from all delegates for clearing all doubts 

Learn the subject…Join Masterclasses…Join ICRA-PAIN 2019

Masterclass calendar at ICRA-PAIN 2019 at Nagpur, India (13-15 Sept, 2019) for details and registration.