For Orthopedicians

The patients who visit an Orthopedic doctor are mostly complaining of some kinds of pain. But there are limitations in how an orthopedic surgeon diagnoses or manages painful conditions. Conservative management, physical therapy and surgeries are not enough, there is a huge gap where no long-term treatment was available earlier. And this gap is filled by modern pain management techniques.

An orthopedic surgeon must learn or have reasonably good knowledge about interventional pain management techniques which can give long pain relief.

We reccommend that each orthopedic surgeon must attend few pain management workshops or short courses to learn basic interventions and must have overall ideas about recent development in this field. Majority of the painful conditions those were usually avoided by an busy orthopedic surgeon can be nicely managed by interventional pain management procedures.

Dradia reccommends 3 days workshop or tailormade courses for them.