3 months’ online fellowship

Aesculap Academy Daradia Fellowship in Pain Management

(18th December 2020 – 12th March 2021)

Highlights of the course:

  • Basics of USG & C-arm guided basic pain interventions, Regeneration Therapy, Radiofrequency, and Cryoablation.
  • 1:1 interaction with the faculties.
  • Recorded lectures won’t be provided to the participants. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to be present on the specific day and time.
  • Basic anatomy, sonoanatomy, stepwise manner to perform the basic USG-guided interventions will be explained and demonstrated on volunteers.
  • Basic fluro-anatomy, stepwise manner to perform the basic C-ARM-guided interventions will be explained and demonstrated on a mannequin.
  • Best course for beginners in specialties such as Anesthesia, Rheumatology,

Orthopedic, PMR  etc.

  • 13 modules in total, 12 modules consist of lectures and presentations and the 13th module is post-course evaluation test day.
  • One module per week, on every Friday of the week.(date of the modules mentioned below)
  • Timings: 6.00 P.M to 8.00 P.M.(Indian Standard Time)
  • Dedicated video conferencing Hardware and software for High-Quality Audio/Video Transmission
  • Picture in Picture mode for simultaneous view of Fluoroscopy and  USG with Procedure
  • Meeting through Zoom app



MODULE 1: FRIDAY 18/12/2020 Basics Of Pain Physiology And Basics of  USG

MODULE 2:  WEDNESDAY 23/12/2020 Basic Anatomy of Shoulder Joint and  Demonstration: Subscapularis, Long Head of Biceps, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Glenohumeral joint, Acromioclavicular joint, Suprascapular Nerve.

MODULE 3:  WEDNESDAY 30/12/2020 Basic Anatomy  Of Elbow Joint And Demonstration: Common Flexor And Extensor Tendon, Radiocarpal  Joint, Median, And Radial Nerve.

Basic Anatomy  Of Wrist Joint And Demonstration: Carpal Tunnel,1st Compartment, A1 Pulley

MODULE 4: FRIDAY 8/01/2021 Knee Joint: Quadriceps Tendon, Patellar Tendon, Medial Collateral Ligament, Lateral Collateral Ligament, Suprapatellar Bursa, Iliotibial band, Medial and Lateral Meniscus, Deep Infrapatellar Bursa

Ankle Joint: Plantar Fascia, Achilles Tendon


Lumbar Spine Sonoanatomy, Caudal Epidural and SI Joint


Transforaminal epidural/ Infrapedicular, Kambin’s TriangleFacet Joint: Intraarticular & Medial Branch SI Joint, Selective S1Nerve Block

MODULE 7: FLURO SYMPATHETIC BLOCKS: FRIDAY 29/01/2021 Basics Of Sympathetic Blocks And Lumbar Sympathetic Block

MODULE 8: ULTRASOUND GUIDED SYMPATHETIC BLOCKS: FRIDAY 05/02/2021: Stellate Ganglion, Celiac, Superior Hypogastric

MODULE 9 FRIDAY 12/02/2021: Cryoablation And Radiofrequency Ablation

MODULE 10 FRIDAY 19/02/2021:

Basic Sonoanatomy of Upper Limb Nerves With Demonstration: Radial, Median, Ulnar

MODULE 11 FRIDAY 26/02/2021:

Basic Sonoanatomy Of Lower Limb Nerves With Demonstration: Femoral, Popliteal Sciatic, Tibial, Superficial, and Deep Peroneal

MODULE12 FRIDAY 05/03/2021: Basics Of PRP And Doubt Clearing Session

MODULE 13 FRIDAY 12/03/2021: Evaluation


Course fee:

For Indians: INR 18000 + GST, For Internationals: USD 380 + GST