Best Pain Training Center

Why should you learn pain management at DARADIA?

Daradia: The Pain Clinic is the best place to learn pain management. Here are 5 important reasons why you should choose Daradia. Click here to register at pain management courses.

1) “Excellence in Pain Practice” award

FIPP exam


Daradia: The Pain Clinic is the oldest pain clinic to receive “Excellence in Pain Practice” award by World Institute of Pain in all three categories: 1) Multidisciplinary pain practice, 2) Research and 3) Training of pain physicians. Daradia has trained 100s of pain physicians from all over the world and majority of them has qualified FIPP examination by world institute of pain.

Surely Daradia is the best place to learn pain management.

B) “Best Pain Clinic” in India award only by  Daradia


Daradia is the only pain clinic in India who has received “Best Pain Clinic” award by Indian chapter of International Association for Study of Pain.

No other Pain Clinic or Pain Hospital or Pain Management Center has ever received this award in India.



C) Not just lectures or we have published books

pain management book


Not just lectures and workshops, our director Dr. Gautam Das has written 5 textbooks & handbooks on pain management which is loved by pain physicians from all over the world. He has authored “Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine” book which is the only book on clinical methods in pain management in whole world.

In the picture Governor is releasing 2nd edition of this clinical methods book.





D) Daradia organizes International Pain Conference annually


Daradia organizes biggest international pain conference at this part of the world annually named as ICRA-PAIN (International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain). Delegates and faculty from all over the world attend this conference to update & exchange their knowledge on pain.




E) Daradia Publishes International Journals



Daradia publishes international Journal on recent advances in pain. It is published 3 times in a year.