Webinar on case presentation & discussion

The event:

  • On every 2nd and 4th Sat at 5 pm Indian Standard Time, 11.30 GMT
  • Free webinars on interesting case presentation & discussion 
  • Anyone can join the discussion and also present difficult cases

Academic event:

  • The cases will be discussed by a panel of international experts and selected cases will be published at ‘Journal on Recent Advances in Pain’.
  • The best way to learn pain management is by discussing different cases. 
  • Learn how to take history
  • Learn how to examine a patient of pain clinically
  • How to select best treatment option
  • Role of interventional pain procedures

International panel of experts:

A team of expert panelists from different countries from anesthesiology, neurosurgery, physiatry, pchychiatry & pain management specialist will joint from all over the world to discuss the cases.

Expert panellists:

  • Pankaj Surange– India
  • Neeraj Jain- IndiaEx
  • Emmanuell Villaino– Philippines
  • Joysree Subramanian- USA 
  • Kawsar Sardar- Bangladesh
  • Mathew Tung- Singapore
  • Eltayeb Gadir– Sudan
  • TCT Novy– Indonesia


  • Karthic Babu N- India
  • Palak Mehta- India

Organizing faculty:

  • Gautam Das
  • Chinmoy Roy
  • Debjyoti Dutta