Cryoneurolysis,1st time in India

September 27, 2019 0 Comments

Cryoneurolysis, a type of Cryoablation done to relieve intractable pain is a new addition in interventional pain management after advent of newer smaller gauge cryoprobe. It was done at our hospital on 6th Sept 2019. Probably first time in India with improved 22G cryoprobe. 

We did USG guided bilateral genitofemoral nerve cryoablation after diagnostic block was positive. Patient was suffering from intractable cancer pain. She had vulval cancer which was operated. But still she was suffering from severe pain. We ablated the pain carrying nerve without harming any other parts of body. 

There was immediate effect and excellent pain relief. Unlike radio frequency ablation, here no local anesthetic is needed inside prior to lesion as it is a painless procedure, so pain relief is exclusively due to cryoneurolysis. Its a painless procedure.

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