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Details of the day-1

Pain brain Tournament Date:19/09/2020*

Dear friends this is just to brief you all about how we are going go with the Game on 19 th September 2020

– The journey of PBT 2015- 2019 slide show of pictures

– PBT 2020
Welcome by Organising Committee members
Dr. Gautam Das
Dr. Pratibha Matche
Dr. Kanchan Sharma
Dr. Debjyoti
Dr. Chinmoy

-Announcement of all the teams
(Team names with logo and their slogan – slide show )

-Introduction of each team one by one.
(Here we need One slide from each team with a collage of team members)
All the team members are expected to come on the camera and say hello when your name is called. Mentor or captain to announce the team players’ names who are playing for that day.

– Rules and regulations of PBT game will be explained

– Game begins. Quizmasters to start the Quiz. We will have 5 rounds. Each round has 4 questions. Each round will be managed by a different quiz master in the sequence given below.

Round 1- Axon
Dr.Pratibha Matche

Round 2- Neuron
Dr.Kanchan Sharma

Round 3- Dendrites Dr.Debjyoti

Round 4- Dorsal horn Dr.Chinmoy

Round 5- Thalamus
Dr. Gautam Das

*Please note- Name of each round is just symbolic and it doesn’t indicate the topic of question in that round.

-Announcement of the score at the end of each round and the final score at the end.

-Announcement of Date & topic for the next Quiz.


Daradia: The Pain Clinic & Journal of Recent Advances in Pain announces PAIN BRAIN TOURNAMENT.

It is an online quiz competition between different teams.


Pain physicians or doctors from allied specialties like anesthesiology,  physical medicine, orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry with interest in pain can form a team and join. 

Rules to form a TEAM:

  1. Give the name of your team as per your choice, it may be your pain clinic or hospital names or city names. Common names like only ‘pain warriors’ or ‘Pain clinicians’ are not accepted. The committee may disapprove a name and request to change the name of your team.
  2. There must be 5-7 players in the team with one captain and 1-2 vice-captains who are like mentors of the group.
  3. There can be senior patrons above 5-7 team members, but patrons can’t participate in the tournament.
  4. Ideally, mentors should be seniors of more than 5 years of pain practice and others can be juniors.
  5. The team and its members will be registered with the tournament and can’t change the team for that session.
  6. One player can’t play for multiple teams.
  7. Team members can be from any country and of any age.

About the tournament:

  1. No entry fees for registering.
  2. One game will be on one particular topic. One senior guest speaker will talk on a particular topic at the beginning and then competition will start.
  3. There will be winners of each game, but all teams and each member will get scores in each game. After initial league matches, 4 best teams (based on scores of earlier matches) will be selected for Champion of the Champions Tournament or Final match.
  4. There will be attractive prizes for each game and the final game.
  5. It is expected that mentors/captain/vice-captains will guide junior team members about a particular topic on pain management before each game.

If you don’t want to form a team and just want to be a spectator or supporter of a team, join our matches on youtube page. The first few spectators can also join the matches from the stadium being a part of zoom meetings. 


Last date to register teams: 15th Sept

The opening ceremony & 1st match will be on 19th Sept at 5 pm.

Committee members:

Gautam Das, Chinmoy Roy, Debjyoti Dutta

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  1. It is a really a superb initiative, it ll definitely enrich the knowledge of young pain physicians in this field.It ll help to gain knowledge from experienced seniors ..thank you sir for organizing for such a great event.

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